Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 1

[Lovegen] Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 1 [4A066F83].mkv_snapshot_01.25_[2019.09.04_08.12.53].png
Well, that update post never came, huh? Life happened basically. But we’re (once again) back!

For a shorter recap, the Sh15uya batch is coming soon, GaGaGa batch will probably drop before Reiwa ends, and GoRider is cancelled as RiderTime did a full resub of it.

Anyway… we’re jumping to the sky (and hopefully not turning into rider kicks) with Zero-One! This won’t be our first weekly, but it’s our first Kamen Rider, and our first Reiwa project! Fedora is TLing and Typesetting, while QC is done by HP, Kuuga and @sturmorgans on Twitter. Please enjoy!!

[Lovegen] Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 1 [4A066F83].mkv_snapshot_02.22_[2019.09.04_08.13.26].png


Kamen Sentai GoRider Episode 1

Kamen Sentai GoRider - Maze 01 [BD-1080][584794E4]_001_37109

We’re back! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Our situation is a smoothie of real life issues, group issues and some waiting, and we assure you we’re still working hard behind the scenes (which will be addressed in a update post shortly after this).

This project is special in that it’s not a “sub”, fully, as the name says. While some parts have been retranslated, the majority of this is a Scrub of TV-Nihon’s release of GoRider. EXCITE! Subs’ terminology has been used for Ex-Aid related phrases, and theirs will be used for any Blade terminology should it come up, as well as OZC!Aesir and GomenRider being used for any Gaim or Agito terminology respectively.

This project also doesn’t involve the majority of our group. It began as a solo project by our translator (and the one writing this), and the decision was made to release it through here. TL and Timing has been done by FedoraChanbara, while QC has been done by the wonderful Blaine (@jugglerlovemail on Twitter).

Keep in mind that this contains spoilers for Agito, Blade (heavily so), Gaim and up to episode 24 of Ex-Aid. Please do not watch if you do not wish to be spoiled.

Please enjoy!

Kamen Sentai GoRider - Maze 01 [BD-1080][584794E4]_001_2858.png


Staff Request

Recently, two of our staff members have left our group for various reasons, and for this reason, we are in need of some more staff. If you wish to apply, please contact us on Twitter at (@SubsLovegen).

Our current needs are for QC and Timer. If you wish to apply for QC, the only real requirement is to have good nitpicking skills, and to have proficiency in English. For Timers, you should preferably know how to use Aegisub, or have a willingness to learn.

Thank you.

Sub Group Rebranding

We’ve now come to the end of our first show, and namesake, Sh15uya. As such, we saw it fitting that we shed the name when moving onto other shows. Therefore, Lovegen is now dead. Our new name is to reflect our new project, which is…

[O-ZoneV2] Japanese Numa Numa.mkv_snapshot_03.39_[2019.03.30_11.30.23]

Japanese Numa Numa. Our name as such shall be O-Zone V2 from this point onwards, in order to fit with this.

The Romanian translation is done by our Romanian friend in order for accuracy.

The “” lines are actually taken from another song, and as such we went off of the official translation of that, while a few lines are altered slightly for flow.

Another problem we found was there only being one Japanese Numa Numa. Therefore, we agreed that our sub group’s activities must shut down immediately after this release, which can be found here. Goodbye.










Also Happy April Fool’s Day you goofs.

Fifteen Fridays: Sh15uya Episode 12 [END]


… under this sky.


Today’s the only day that’s both the 15th and a Friday, so it was fitting to release today. Notes from the staff below.

Fedora: So, it’s the end. People often say that once you achieve a huge goal you either feel nothing or overwhelming emotion. I find myself feeling neither, but the feeling itself is (fittingly) hard to put into words. If I had to describe it, I’d say a mixture of happiness, sadness and gratitude. I’m happier than anything else that my goal of subbing an entire series finally came to fruition after a couple months short of a year and the most effort I’ve put into anything short of my school entrance exams. I’m sad that it’s finally ending, but I don’t think the sadness is the negative kind, if that makes sense. Finally, I’m intensely grateful for everyone who’s helped me reach this point. From the group, to my friends who have always stayed by my side, despite the many blunders I made. Especially to a specific group of people (who know who they are) who started me on this path in the first place and have given me more happiness and help than I ever thought was possible. Thank you. Thank you everyone for supporting the show, supporting the group, and supporting me. While Sh15uya isn’t the end of our subbing adventures, it’s the project that basically started it and I personally hold the most passion for, and as such even though there will be more finales and premieres to come and go, this feels like a one-of-a-kind ending. The show itself I love, and I hope everyone else is able to appreciate it and love it too through these subs. I know this is probably too long, but I really do hold a special kind of love for this, and everyone who made it possible. Once again, thank you.